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How our schools have played a vital role in their communities

How our schools have played a vital role in their communities
December 20, 2022 Dave Gooderham
Sigma Trust Christmas message

It would be easy to record 2022 as just another turbulent year in education.

We started it still living with restrictions caused by the Covid-19 pandemic and then saw, across the country, the effects of the cost of living crisis, strike action and a myriad of changes in the political landscape.

But to only think of the challenges would be to forget all the good things that have happened in our schools over the last 12 months.

Indeed, how our leaders, our staff and our students have met these challenges head-on and showed resilience and determination in equal measure is a real highlight of 2022.

You certainly don’t have to look too hard within our school buildings to see so many examples of positivity, dedication and selflessness.

This always comes to the fore at Christmas time, when so many of our schools and students show such kind heartedness towards their community.

This can come in many forms, from singing carols to care home residents, to donating items to their nearest foodbank.

Schools should play such an integral role in their local community and I am proud that all our schools do just that.

I am equally proud of the achievements of so many – staff and students alike.

We have seen great work in the classroom, on the sports fields and triumphs over different kinds of adversity.

We have also seen achievements in working together – a hallmark of The Sigma Trust where we balance each school’s independence with a strong partnership ethos.

How will I remember 2022?

It will be how our schools have met challenges head-on and how they have overcome obstacles.

How staff, students and families have all worked together to provide the best possible educational experience.

It is something I look forward to seeing again and again throughout the next 12 months and beyond.

By Lyn Wright, Chief Executive, The Sigma Trust.