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Meet Our People

Executive Committee

The Executive Committee consists of all the Headteachers and senior colleagues within The Sigma Trust. It is responsible for the day to day management of all academies and for providing strategic leadership for the Trust.

It consists of:

Kate Finch, Headteacher, Harwich and Dovercourt High School

Claire Holmes, Headteacher, Monkwick Infant School and Nursery

Gavin Bradley, Primary Executive Lead

Neil Gallagher, Executive Headteacher, Clacton County High School and Colne Community School and College

Helena Boast, Headteacher, Thomas Lord Audley School

Rebecca McCutcheon, Headteacher, Monkwick Junior School

Scott Holder, Executive Headteacher, Philip Morant School and College and Director of Education for The Sigma Trust

Jon Bland, Headteacher, The Stanway School

Fiona Pierson, Headteacher, St Helena School

Carol Anne Moffat, Headteacher, Paxman Academy

Matt Moseley, Headteacher, Holland Park Primary School

Nicky Sirett, Headteacher, Alton Park Junior School

Brian Markham, Chief Operations and Finance Officer

Lyn Wright, Chief Executive Officer

The Education Team

Leadership Team

Jointly responsible for monitoring progress and raising standards across all Sigma academies. Lead key groups of staff to provide the support and challenge to all schools in order to continually raise standards.

Lyn Wright, Chief Executive Officer

Scott Holder, Director of Education

Gavin Bradley, Primary Executive Lead


Strategic Leads

Provide leadership and direction for core areas of the curriculum and ensure that best practice becomes shared practice.

Fiona Cook, Strategic Lead – English

Sarah Davies-Llewellyn, Strategic Lead, Humanities

John Knights, Strategic Lead, Science

Amy Nundy, Strategic Lead, Modern Foreign Languages

Finlay Ridgwell, Strategic Lead – Maths

Other colleagues include:

Alison Rudd, Deputy Director of Education

Operational Team

Central Team

Consists of a group of centrally employed staff responsible for key operational services for The Sigma Trust.

Lyn Wright, Chief Executive Officer

Brian Markham, Chief Operations and Finance Officer

Krista Hook, Trust PA



Leading a team of colleagues in ensuring that there is robust financial management across the Trust.

Carol Wisbey, Trust Finance Manager

Sarah Sheppard, Management Accountant



Leading a team of colleagues responsible for managing all staffing issues including recruitment and employee relations.

Helen Hobbs, Trust HR Manager

Nigel Sawyer, Employee Relations Manager



Leads a team of colleagues responsible for ensuring the monthly payment for all Sigma employees.

Lindsey Clark, Payroll Manager



Responsible for overseeing all building related issues across The Sigma Trust and liaising with site teams in each academy.

Steven Scott, Estates Manager


Network Management

Responsible for overseeing all ICT related issues across The Sigma trust and liaising with network teams in each academy.

Gary Barnes & Ian Griffiths, Chief Network Officers



Responsible for overseeing data analysis, data protection strategy and implementation to ensure compliance with GDPR requirements.

Julie Eldridge, Trust Data Manager