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New school buddies club enjoys Zoo experience

New school buddies club enjoys Zoo experience
January 12, 2023 Dave Gooderham

Visually impaired secondary school students have taken part in a special sensory education session at Colchester Zoo.

Members of the ‘Braille Buddies Club’ at Philip Morant School & College enjoyed an interactive visit to the Zoo where they were able to feel and classify a range of artefacts into the five vertebrate animal groups.

The students then embarked on a tour of the zoo exploring all of its tactile and interactive features.

Stephanie Neill, head of school, said: “The Braille Buddies Club, run by the school’s Qualified Teacher of Children and Young People with Vision Impairment, is a great way for students with a vision impairment to meet and get to know one another.

“It also allows students to enjoy different experiences with people similar to themselves.

“We hope that this is the first of many ‘Braille Buddies Days Out’ and we would like to thank Colchester Zoo for hosting such an enjoyable and engaging visit.”