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25 July 2018

25 July 2018
July 25, 2018 Fletcher Ruddy

Hero cadet Oliver Seymour helped save man’s life

A Cadet who managed to save a man’s life has been recognised for his courage.

Oliver Seymour, from Colchester, was cycling through town when he came across a man laying in the street.

By performing CPR, paramedics said the 16-year-old had saved the man’s life.

After his brave act, he was given the Highly Commended Citizen Award at the Colchester Youth Awards.

He said: “It was a couple of months ago, I was cycling on my own in Osborne Street.

“There was someone laying in between the crossings, I thought they had fallen but they just wouldn’t move.

Oliver has just left St Helena School, and it was his former Head of Year who nominated him for the award.

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