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The Sigma Trust

SigmaThe Sigma Trust is a local partnership of ten academies in North East Essex. Sigma was formally established in September 2016 and currently consists of 7 secondary schools, a junior school and an infant and nursery school. Many of the secondary schools became academies in 2012, as part of the North East Essex Education Partnership (NEEEP) umbrella trust. They all have a strong tradition of working collaboratively to achieve the best outcomes for all students in their academies.

Soon after NEEEP was created there was a desire to extend the partnership to incorporate primary partners. Changes to academy rules meant that this was only possible by establishing separate multi-academy trusts. Two of the secondary schools formed a MAT with the two primary schools in 2014 and one of the other secondary schools became an approved sponsor in 2015.
Later that year a decision was taken to simplify this model by creating one single multi-academy trust and hence The Sigma Trust was born. The trust has since grown with the addition of two more academies and a further new secondary school under construction.

All schools are geographically close enough to provide the necessary support and challenge to take all academies to the next level. We have a set of shared values and a common mission and vision that aims to ensure that no child is left behind. No academy is seen as the “lead” school and we believe that every school should be a giver as well as a receiver of support. All academies within the trust retain their cultural autonomy but we work together to ensure that best practice becomes shared practice.
The Greek letter Sigma (Σ) is used in Maths and IT to denote "the sum of" hence its adoption as our name.