Paxman Academy

Currently under construction - Opening September 2019

Principal - Carol-Anne Moffat

Paxman Avenue

Telephone: 01255 750900




Paxman AcademyThe Sigma Trust is proud and excited to be announced as the sponsor for the new academy in Paxman Avenue. The Trust is a local partnership of seven schools in North East Essex that have a long history of working together to achieve the best possible outcomes for learners.

Additionally, schools in our Trust have worked with Alderman Blaxill School and the wider community and we very much look forward to building on this relationship again.

Much consideration was given to the chosen name and we feel it both reflects the location of the school Much consideration has been given to the chosen name and we feel it both reflects the location of the school as well as celebrating the industrial heritage linked to the engineering company in the town. MAN Diesel who took over the Paxman Company are keen to become involved with the school and we are looking at the different opportunities this partnership will be able to offer the students.

Quite rightly so, the Alderman Blaxill name will not be lost from the site as the incorporated community facilities will be named the Alderman Blaxill Sports Centre. The history of the previous school will also be recognised in the new building to ensure its memories are retained for the community.

Jeff Brindle
Chief Executive Officer
The Sigma Trust


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